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“Online learning is not that hard!”

Eye Level On-Air allows student to learn safely at home based on real-time 1-on-1 coaching system, together with their physical booklets. With a computer or laptop equipped with a camera and microphone function, classes can still be conducted.

Meet your instructor online

Get real-time coaching on the booklets

Learning anytime, anywhere!

Courses Available : Eye Level Math, Eye Level English


How it works?

Step 1 - Make an Appointment

Instructors will make an Appointment with student for a specific Online Coaching timeslot.

Step 2 - Get your Classroom Code

Students will get their classroom invitation code via their registered email with the Learning Centre 10 mins before the coaching session.

Step 3 - Preparation before the Coaching Session

Students will get ready their booklets and sign-in to the Online Classroom.

Step 4 - Online Coaching

Instructors will provide online coaching using the online booklets while students will write on their physical booklets.

Step 5 - After the Session

While the students are working on the booklets, parents can cross-reference the answers via the optional Eye Level Member's app.

What do you need?

A tablet, laptop or PC with Microphone and Video Camera function
Chrome Browser


Eye Level Math Curriculum

Eye Level Math takes the student through a continum of study areas covering basic skills, as well as advanced concepts and applications. Each level emphasises critical thinking through reasoning skills such as sequencing, comparing, planning, hypothesising, analising and critiquing - skills students can apply to everyday life.

Eye Level English Curriculum

Eye Level's curriculum takes students from the basic motor skills needed for reading and writing, through the building blocks of grammar, to the more complex concepts that allow the mastery of verbal and written communication. The program guides students in the mastery of English language proficiency through thematic approaches, repetitive practice, and strategies that combine listening, speaking, reading and writing.


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